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Marvel Rare Pairs

Because every pairing deserves some love

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Name:Marvel Rare Pairs
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Community description:For all those hard (or impossible) to find pairings!
There are many comms all over the far flung interwebs for all sorts of pairings. But what about those that don't get as much public love. Those that, for the most part, go undiscoverd and unloved. They have a home here. All rare pairings are welcome! Slash and het are both more than welcome, as is any NC-17/adult content (NOTE: PLEASE HAVE SUCH CONTENT LABELED!)
So, what's not allowed? Well, these pairings are not rare enough for this place:

Steve/Tony (Captain America/Iron Man)
Scott/Emma (Cyclops/White Queen)
Logan/Rogue (Wolverine/Rogue)
Logan/Jean (Wolverine/Phoenix)
Scott/Jean (Cyclops/Phoenix)
Remy/Rogue (Gambit/Rogue)
Billy/Teddy (Wiccan/Hulkling)
Logan/Remy (Wolverine/Gambit)
Peter/Mary Jane (Spider-Man/MJ)
Nathan/Wade (Cable/Deadpool)

Other than that... you're in the clear!

To keep things easy and what not when posting fic/art. Please follow this format (or at the very least one that is similar):

(In subject line) Fic/Art: Title (Rating, Characters/pairings)

Marvel owns the recognizable characters and the world this is set in. I do not make any claim on any of them. I make no money from this little endeavor.
Author's/Artist's Note:

And on a similar note:
Please include characters, fan fiction/fan art and your name in your tags.

Again, this is just a suggestion. There will not be mobs with pitchforks if you don't tag something... the mods will do it, but thank you in advance for not making us work harder than we have to. *wink*
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